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What to tap on and how to do it.

You've often heard me talking about tapping and how amazing it is. I'm sometimes asked what you tap on.

You need to focus on how you feel about the situation or event, rather than the event itself as you can't change that.

As you can see this is a very easy technique, you use your own words and simply repeat them at each tapping point. Breathe as you do this to allow the energy to begin to flow freely. Your sad or angry thoughts congest the energy flow and can build to panic. So to calm the amygdala and inform the brain that everything is OK, we tap and encourage the energy pathways to open and clear. Breathing more deeply than normal, can really help.

I sometimes get younger children who are clearing angry thoughts to do a 'lion's breath'! For anger those points under the arms on both sides like an angry chimpanzee, are excellent. Still use the feeling and the colour and where in the body. So it might be "red angry in my tummy".

For a child who is feeling sad or anxious, a big sigh whilst shrugging the shoulders will work well. For anxiety, those collarbone points are great. Again use both hands and say the feeling and so on "blue worried feeling in my chest".

For very young children, they sometimes like to tap on their cuddly and say what they are feeling. They're projecting their own thoughts which also works so "teddy red angry in his belly".

I am an EFT Trainer as well as an NLP Trainer and can come into your school or run family sessions as well as seeing children, teens mums and dads on a 1:1 basis.

Tapping is extremely useful for calming exam nerves or indeed any sort of anxiety or emotions you want to get rid of.

If you're unsure of those tapping points, here's a diagram. I've shown the one for mums and babies because you can't tap on babies, especially when they're crying! However, they're picking up on your energy so when you tap on your own body for what you're feeling, they will calm down. It may work better if your not in the room so they can't see you (and you can't see them!) so just pop outside the door, breathe and tap.

If you'd like me to do a tapping session with you, just book the free 30 minute chat on my Book Here page.

You'll find plenty of helpful information on managing different issues with your children in my latest book


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