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Judy Bartkowiak

Welcome to the 

Training Room

The is the home for all my training courses where you can explore the options to train with me and the courses I run for parents, children and teens.

I offer many different training courses for Parents, Carers, Children and Teens. I would love to impart my years of experience and learning to you so you can enjoy better communication with the children or adults in your life.

You can train with me to do what I do and that’s my pleasure to do that but you need to:

  • have children, work with children or have had children who are now grown up

  • be willing to practise what you learn

  • incorporate your existing amazing skills and qualities into what you learn with me

My Courses

For Adults

Judy Bartkowiak
  • The course you need to run your own business helping children and teens

  • Includes training in all the techniques I use in my practice ; NLP, EFT, Art Therapy, Mindfulness/Meditation

  • Certificated course with assignments

  • You must either have your own children and/or already work with children to qualify for training

  • You will be expected to get up to speed with NLP using my NLP Workbook before taking the course if you do not have an NLP qualification

NLP Practitioner

Judy Bartkowiak
  • This is a 6 module course for those who only want to use the content for their own family and want to have specific age related material.

  • Delivered as a Self Study course and can be shared with partner/ grandparents and carers.


Judy Bartkowiak
  • If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got

  • You can’t change your children’s behaviour without changing your own. Have you heard this expression?

  • The course starts with an introductory video to take you through the NLP presuppositions or beliefs of excellence as they relate to parenting.

  • 8 one - hour downloadable sessions to share with your partner


Judy Bartkowiak
  • Do you find it difficult to mix socially? Do you think of what you should have said afterwards?

  • You're not alone, finding and using your voice is more common than you think.

  • Who held you back as a child, put you down, told you can't, made you feel you aren't good enough?

  • Break free and be who you are meant to be!

Build Self-Esteem & 

For Children

Judy Bartkowiak
  • This is a led programme, it is not therapy.

  • Your child or young person will be taught many NLP and EFT techniques in an engaging and interactive way with exercises and questions, where they can use examples from their own life.

  • 4 - one hour sessions

  • Content is designed for school years 5- 8 (children 10 - 14yrs) for preparation to join Secondary School

  • Course for building confidence and resilience

Children & Teens

Judy Bartkowiak
  • This is a led programme, it is not therapy.

  • Your child or young person will be taught many NLP and EFT techniques in an engaging and interactive way with exercises and questions, where they can use examples from their own life, from school, social and sports.

  • 4 - one hour sessions

Strategies for managing anxiety 
Children  & Teens

Training options

In person or online

Learning this way enables me to customise the training for the type of work or age group you want to work with.

  • Learn 1:1 at a time and pace to suit you

  • Or join one of the group training options

  • Practise with fellow students, your own kids or ones you know

  • Exchange ideas with the group and/or with me and learn from my own examples

  • Give and receive feedback as you learn

  • Cover all the NLP and EFT Techniques and learn how to use them with kids

On Her Laptop

Self Study Online

Course modules at
a time that works for you

  • Download each module as you're ready

  • Complete the exercises yourself

  • Not certificated

  • Option to pay to join demos, swap sessions and practice sessions with the main student group, you are joined into a WhatsApp group with other Self Study students

Hitcham Vale my home where I have my therapy room


For real personalised  training come and work with me in Maidenhead, Berks.

  • Because of the playful nature of what I offer, if you are able to come and work with me in Maidenhead (Berkshire) maybe stay in a local guest house or hotel, you will get maximum benefit – allow 4-5 days (Mon-Fri) because even if you deliver your sessions online, doing them for yourself as you train will give you the opportunity to integrate the exercises more personally.

To discuss any of my training or to discuss how I may be able to tailor modules to suit your needs please contact using the form below.

Cherry Tree

WHAT PEOPLE SAY about my training

Judy I can’t thank you enough for my one to one training. There’s not a day goes by when I don’t think of you with my coaching and everything you showed me that works so well for children. You are seriously inspirational and I thank you for sharing your wisdom so I am now able to help children. I was extremely lucky to have met you.

Thank you, 


Got a question? Ask me here

Telephone: +44 (0) 1628 660618
Mobile: +44 (0) 7917 451245

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