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You already have all the resources you need; your insight, your understanding, your experiences and your knowledge.  Here you will find some more tools that I'd like to share as an NLP Trainer and Family Therapist.

Judy Bartkowiak

The Blog

This is where you'll find tips and ideas, exercises, activities, extracts from my own books and books I've read and found useful in my work with children and teens. 

The Podcast

Sometimes it's easier to listen rather than read, I know I do. You can capture some great nuggets here in my podcast. The content is similar to the blog in that I talk about ways you can help yourself and your family.

Judy Bartkowiak

The Videos (YouTube)

With EFT Tapping in particular, it is much easier to show you how to do it. So here you'll find videos showing you how to tap on different issues. There are also some great interviews with experts on subjects that I know you'll find helpful. 

Free Worksheets

These worksheets are little exercises to do yourself or with your child and are designed to help understand an aspect of NLP. 

Judy Bartkowiak
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