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Parents have a natural and automatic desire to rescue, protect and shield their children from difficult situations. Parents want to show their love by stepping in and helping wherever they can: with homework, bedtime monsters, the dark, new experiences, making friends…


But by rescuing our children, are we helping them to build their self-esteem?


By stepping in and fixing things, we communicate that we don’t think they can do it on their own. We make them think they need us. What if there was a better way?


This book will give parents the skills to guide their children to find their own solutions and to create new possibilities. These tried and tested coaching skills, drawn from the author's vast experience of working with parents and children, will give children choices. It will give them a positive mindset, and a ‘I can’ attitude. If we can show children how to fix things for themselves, then we set them up for a lifetime of independence, and confidence in their own abilities.

Empower your kids! A coaching guide for parents

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