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Welcome to the 

Healing Room

Here I can help you with pain, trauma, depression, relationship or fertility issues, using a range of techniques from Tapping and Matrix Re-imprinting to Crystals, essentials oil or art.

Come on in and find a safe space with me, where it is OK to not feel good enough, not matter, not feel important. Maybe you feel unloved, untouched, unappreciated. Perhaps you have lost your voice, you’re not heard, you can’t speak out or say what you feel or if you can, you feel judged, dismissed.

In our birth and early years (0-6yrs) we often experience a trauma, something unexpected or dramatic. We feel alone in that moment and not know what to do. In that moment of freeze, our subconscious mind makes a decision such as:

I don't matter

I'm alone

I'm stupid

It's my fault