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Confidence and Resilience programme for Year 7 kids

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

If you ask a teen which school year they found hardest, most would say 'year 7'. I used to get so many calls from parents in the October half term asking for help for their child, then again around the beginning of January because children didn't want to go back to school after Christmas and again at the end of the Easter holidays.

It's a difficult school year for so many reasons that we are all so familiar with and schools go to a lot of effort to try to ensure the children all settle in but nevertheless there are still those who feel very insignificant, feel they can't cope and aren't willing to ask for help. Many don't want to cause a fuss, worry their parents or be singled out by the teacher. They basically just want to melt into the background and hope no-one notices that they are only just managing to get through each day.

It's not like this for all the children who do this course. Many are just glad to gain some extra skills to help them navigate the new secondary school and feel more able to cope with whatever comes their way.

Here's what I cover and all the details you may need. Even if your child doesn't need it, maybe you know someone whose child would benefit from some extra help.

This is a leJd programme, it is not therapy. Your child or young person will be taught many NLP and EFT techniques in an engaging and interactive way with exercises and questions, where they can use examples from their own life. They will learn:

Session 1

How do you think and process your world



Metaprogrammes - choices/process, towards/away from, global/specific, match/mismatch etc

How will knowing how you process, learn and communicate make life easier at home, school and in your sport

Session 2

How would you like your world to be different

Applying SMART goal thinking

What skills do you have to achieve this

Overcoming limiting beliefs

How to be confident

Session 3

How to get rid of the bad feelings




EFT Tapping


Thought Records

Session 4

How to step away from the 'I can't

The Drama Triangle

How to be a problem solver

How will they integrate the new knowledge

​What will they do differently

The cost is £250 for the four one hour sessions.

​Content is designed for school years 5- 8 (children 10 - 14yrs) for preparation to join Secondary School

If you have a child that needs more specific help and a more open frame then please complete a booking form for a free 30 minute session so I can either reassure you regarding the ability of this course to help your child or discuss having some therapy sessions.


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