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Crystal Healing with kids

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

These are just some of the many crystals I have in my therapy room. Children are drawn to the large crystals along the windowsill and around the room and they love to pick them up and talk about what the crystal make them think of. The different colours evoke emotions and memories, feelings they can't explain but nevertheless relate to.

One of the exercises we might do is a crystal time line where they choose a crystal for their current school year, telling me what it is about that colour, shape, size, texture or markings, represents that school year. We then move down the school years and into nursery and even babyhood. One child even chose one for being in mummy's tummy.

The essence is that no crystal is right or wrong, they are being intuitive, guessing and using their vast subconscious mind. Nothing is logical and that's fine because if logic would have solved what they were struggling with, then they wouldn't be seeing me.

We look at the line and they notice patterns, and are able to draw out key events and aspects of that school year that they struggled with and I ask them to choose another crystal that represents how they might overcome that struggle. We may go on then to create some well-formed outcomes to work on in the next session.

Another way of using crystals is to ask your child or client to choose a crystal that represents how they feel now at the beginning of the session. Then one that represents how they want to feel at the end of the session. Then ask them to place between the two crystals, a crystal that represents how they will get from the current stuck state to the free and empowered state. They can hold that crystal if they want to.

This is Rose Quartz, the crystal that opens the heart chakra and it's often the crystal that teens already have and they may keep it under their pillow or in their bra or on their person to help them feel loved and loving, open hearted and kind.

I like to give clients a small pink quartz to take home if they haven't got one already.

Each chakra or energy centre in the body represents an emotion and connects to certain organs so I can check which one they need when I'm with them, using a pendulum. On zoom I can show them how to do that for themselves and also how to choose the crystal they need for healing.

If your teen would like some help with this, or indeed if you would like your own crystal please get in touch as I offer a free 30 minute session and I can send you out the crystal if you like. Here's the link

You'll also find lots of great ideas for working with children and teens in my recent book 'Understanding children and teens' you can find it in my bookshop.

You can buy crystals from me in the bookshop as well.


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