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My blog is about NLP and EFT for Kids; helping children and teens feel happy, confident and resilient.

I am Judy Bartkowiak, I've been working with kids of all ages and their mums and dads, for many many years and I've also had four of my own and ran a Montessori Nursery School in our home for 7 years so I feel very connected to the world of children.

I moved into therapy work after a career in Qualitative Market Research working for toy companies, TV production companies and publishers. I had reached the point in my life when I wanted to put my insight to better use than helping companies make money.

You'll find here lots of ideas, ways to better connect with your child, ways to understand why we as parents do what we do and how our own childhood and how we were parented has an impact. Although I'm trained in NLP and EFT for Kids, I am also someone who uses a wide range of creative activities to help children express their anxieties and fears (and their anger too).

As a Reiki Master, you won't be surprised to know that crystals and chakras also find their way into my work and children love to handle the crystals in my therapy room and many have enjoyed Reiki sessions as part of their healing.

Please comment on any posts you've found helpful and also any that you haven't because it's me, I don't have a team or website boffs in the background. If I see that my post hasn't been good enough I promise I will improve it. Also I don't use AI - I'm a writer and proud of it.

I love being outside
Judy Bartkowiak

As a parent I know only too well that we mums and dads are only ever as happy as our unhappiest child.

My children are in their 20s and 30s but if any one of them is suffering then so am I. When you think about helping that child, think too of helping yourself because when you feel happy, resourced and calm then they will pick that up on that and it will help them cope.

Remember what they say on flights - put your oxygen mask on first. I always think how crazy that is, of course we will help our child first a therapist I can assure you that energetically your child or teen is still connected with you. Please also read the posts that I've written for you x

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