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Supporting a child with nausea and anxiety

One of my clients is feeling nervous about the return to school. When she is at school she can experience nausea and worrying about this, makes her anxious.

I looked up the crystal that supports nausea and it's a beautiful Green Aventurine. The Crystal Bible describes it as a comforter and heart healer. Green is the colour often attributed as the colour for the heart chakra although many think of it as pink. This crystal harmonizes and protects the heart. It settles nausea and dissolves negative emotions and thoughts. It is an all-round healer bringing well-being and emotional calm. I think she'll love it! I'm going to suggest she pops it under her pillow at night.

For during the day at school I'm sending her an inhaler with Ginger essential oil soaked in the wick so all she needs to do is sniff it to keep nausea at bay.

In our sessions we talk about her feelings and her worries and identified her limiting beliefs which have stemmed from early childhood. We're working on creating a positive mindset and this is going well. Still a couple of sessions before she goes back to school and I'm hoping she'll be in a much better place to cope.

Working with children and teens is so rewarding and one has to be flexible. There's no one programme of sessions. Each client responds differently. Some like to talk, others want to draw. Some like crystals and oils, others are hesitant but many have already seen counsellors and they are with me because talking therapies alone have not shifted their blocks so they are willing and open to trying something different.

If you think your child or teen would benefit from a different approach, get in touch.

Or indeed if you think you'd enjoy training with me - I have a new group course starting in a few weeks time.

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