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Stepping away from the Drama Triangle

You'll find plenty of information about the 'dreaded drama triangle' in my books in fact there is a chapter in 'Self-Esteem Workbook' and another chapter in 'Understanding children and teens'. There is also a you tube video about the Drama Triangle on my You Tube channel. Why so much about the Drama Triangle?

Well it is because so often mums step in to rescue. Yes I know, I understand why that is and I'm sure I did it myself when mine were young. It's because we love them and can't bear fro them to suffer. BUT please watch this video and try something different.

When you rescue, you confirm that they need you, they can't do this for themselves, they need you to fix the situation.

Instead empower them!

You can buy 'Understanding children and teens - a coaching guide for parents, teachers and coaches' from me direct by using the enquiry form. Let me have your address and I'll calculate postage and send a signed copy to you. You can also buy it from my bookshop account which will send you a copy and give a donation to your favourite bookshop without costing you a penny more.


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