Confidence and Resilience - let's face it, where would we be without them?

When parents first call me, it is usually because they have noticed that their child or teen seems to be lacking confidence and resilience. There may be other aspects such as fear of putting their hand up in class, not being able to initiate conversation or make friends easily or being upset quickly and regularly.

This tends to become more of a worry when they are around 10-12yrs old as they transition from Primary to Secondary school , when they need to become more self-reliant and when they are less protected than in the school they started age 4yrs and where the teachers all know them and see them most of the day.

The course I devised is based on all that I know about this age group from having worked with children all my working life. Over the years that I've run the course, I've adapted and made changes based on feedback from all those who have done the course with me.

This is not a cheap course and parents may look at what I cover and wonder why it costs so much, it is £250 but the important thing to bear in mind is that

- this course works well for children and teens who have an observable problem from the viewpoint of parents and teachers, but who would refuse to see a therapist or counsellor about it. Parents can pitch it to them as simply gaining extra skills for life, rather than addressing any problems that they don't think they have

- on that note, it also works for children and teens who really don't have any issues as a way to boost their confidence and resilience at difficult times such as change of school but also parents have used it to support their children as they go through a change such as a house move, divorce or separation or other personal changes in circumstances such as mum going back to work. It was also very beneficial for the uncertainty and difficulties around the pandemic and home schooling. I even did the course with a teen living in New York sharing her homeschooling space with her dad and sister

- the course is simply a framework for therapy in as much as I'm constantly connecting with the student looking for examples of where they've felt this emotion or that emotion, when this has happened or that. So we cover anything and everything that could be an issue for the child or teen and as we build up trust over the sessions, more is shared and I can really get to the bottom of whatever is going on for the child over and above what the parent or teacher may have noticed.

I considered turning this into a much cheaper downloadable course so that more children could benefit from the learnings but this wouldn't enable me to address what is behind the lack of confidence and resilience.

Junior NLP Practitioner Course

This is a leJd programme, it is not therapy. Your child or young person will be taught many NLP and EFT techniques in an engaging and interactive way with exercises and questions, where they can use examples from their own life. They will learn:

Session 1

How do you think and process your world



Meta-programmes - choices/process, towards/away from, global/specific, match/mismatch etc

How will knowing how you process, learn and communicate make life easier at home, school and in your sport

Session 2

How would you like your world to be different

Applying SMART goal thinking

What skills do you have to achieve this

Overcoming limiting beliefs

How to be confident

Session 3

How to get rid of the bad feelings




EFT Tapping


Thought Records

Session 4

How to step away from the 'I can't's

The Drama Triangle

How to be a problem solver

How will they integrate the new knowledge

​What will they do differently

The cost is £250 for the four one hour sessions.

​Content is designed for children 10 - 18yrs in particular 10-12yrs in for preparation to join Secondary School and for the first couple of years in secondary school. The stretch to 18yrs is achievable because the content remains the same but of course their lives are very different so their examples and issues will be covered.

Notes for the session are sent in advance so they can make notes directly on their workbook and so parents can see what we will be covering.

They love the fact that they learn so much and already notice over the weeks that they are applying what they've learnt. Then they get a certificate!

Get in touch if you'd like your child or teen to do this course over the summer holidays.

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