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6 tips for changing your negative thought pattern

I've just had a client who despite, on the face of it, having a happy family life, finds herself trapped in a pattern of negative thoughts. I thought maybe other women also get these thoughts, so I'm going to share some tips with you.

  1. I'm going to start with the one I use for myself which is EFT Tapping. When I feel a bit down or feel sorry for myself I might do this. I'll share a tapping diagram first so you can see the tapping points.

I've uploaded a video to show you how to do the tapping sequence.

2. I use essential oils in the diffuser and on a lava bead in my pendant, and topically to create the feeling I want to have. I also blend different oils to create specific states of mind that will support me for that moment.

Obviously some oils can be used to clear headaches, congestion, digestive issues so I might use one of them.

To create a mood or energy in a room with my client I would choose a blend to fit with what they want from the session.

Good oils to use to lift your mood I think would be Motivate, Elevation, Citrus Bliss, Wild Orange, any of the fruity blends.

3. Look up! It's amazing how low you can send your mood by simply looking down. Sending your focus down into your belly will focus your mind on those negative thoughts. Instead, raise your eyes upwards, straighten your back, push your chest forwards and look up. Look up for possibilities, positive outcomes, visualise a good situation, think positive and imagine how well it will go.

4. Laugh! I know that sounds bizarre after all when you're feeling down why would you even think of laughing? But actually the brain has no idea whether your laugh is sincere or fake. It reacts just the same and it increases those happy hormones and you feel uplifted.

Test this for yourself.

Check there's no-one around first.

Then laugh hysterically at..............absolutely nothing !

Don't you feel a lot better?!

Try it on your kids.

There are some very different laughs you can do.

How about a witches cackle?

An evil baddy sort of child catcher type laugh?

Child's giggle?

Father Christmas 'Ho Ho Ho' type of laugh

Maybe someone in your family has a funny laugh they could mimic.

Can you see who can do the best laugh? Children love a contest, don't they?

Who can laugh for the longest time?

5. Run up and down the stairs, around the block, up the hill, through the woods, round the park, anywhere. Someone suggested I do this when I was grieving for my dad. I thought they'd gone mad. But i was fed up of crying so I just did it. Firstly, I found it was impossible to sob and run at the same time. Then I discovered that I'd stopped crying and started to appreciate the movement, the fresh air and looking at something else other than the walls of my house. I didn't stop feeling sad about my dad passing but I did feel much calmer and more able to function.

6. Swish the bad thought to a good thought.

So I wonder which of these you will try first.

I wonder which you'll like best.

Please comment below and share anything that's worked well for you.

There are lots of other videos in my channel so take a tour around and see if there are any other helpful ideas for anyone in your family.

Remember I have written lots

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