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NLP & EFT Kids Practitioner - which training option to choose

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

This is the perfect course for you if you want to find ways to help your own children and those in your community and at the same time create a business where you'll truly make a difference. This course includes training in all the techniques I use in my practice ; NLP, EFT, Art Therapy, Mindfulness/Meditation. It is a certificated course with assignments. You must either have your own children and/or already work with children to qualify for training because you will be expected to practise the techniques as you learn them.

Three options for learning

Option 1 . Live training online/offline 1:1 flexible training days/times £995 (instalment option)

I personally feel that this is the best option if you have not done any recent (last few years) NLP Training or did your NLP Training online. - we meet live on zoom or in person - bear in mind GMT Time Zone please! - you will be invited to practise sessions throughout the course with other students, past and present so you can practise on each other (online if in-person not possible) - you are joined into my student group where you can share ideas and read other students assignments - I go through each module with you in real time - we do the practical exercises together - I can share real examples of each exercise, technique or activity - you can ask questions about the module as they arise - you do an assignment for each module and get feedback - you do a final assignment on. topic of your choice - you get a certificate

Option 2 . Live group training online specific day/time each week £599 (instalment option)

All the above but the training is held at a specific day and time every week.

Option 3 . Self study £349

This is the perfect option for existing NLP Practitioners who have up to date NLP practical in person experience and who just want to learn how to apply everything to working with children. - you download each module as you're ready - you do the exercises yourself - no certificate - you can join demos, swap sessions and practice sessions with the main student group

COURSE OUTLINE •Welcome and brief intro to NLP, EFT, PTT and Clean Language - this is a free session you can do asa a taster to see if you want to do the training. It is an opportunity to see if you like my training style and learn a bit about NLP and EFT so you know what it involves.

•Module 1 - NLP beliefs of excellence •Module 2 - Compelling outcomes, skills and qualities, anchoring and Circle of Excellence •Module 3 - Overcoming limiting beliefs using Perceptual Positioning and Time Line •Module 4 – EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) •Module 5 – Art Therapy and PTT (Picture Tapping Technique) •Module 6 - NLP Modelling process •Module 7 - VAK, Metaprogrammes, Deletions/Distortions/Generalisations •Module 8 - Mindfulness •Module 9 - The Drama Triangle •Module 10 - Inner child work Email me for the full course details or to arrange a video chat about the course and its suitability to your needs. How will it benefit you? I think over these months of Lockdown and the Pandemic, Homeschooling and all the changes in our world, we have all been thinking hard about what is important to us. Money and education may not seem quite as important as kindness, community, positive mindset and good mental and physical health. We are having to make decisions for ourselves about our relationship, our career, where we want to live, how we want to educate our children and many other aspects of our life.

We’ve also spent more time with our family than usual and that has been a mixed blessing because we’re maybe realising that they need more support than we have been able to give them with all the usual hustle and bustle or our work/life balance, commuting and so on. I know many mums are looking for greater quality of life and wanting to do something to make a difference.

By training with me, you can be that difference with your own children and the children in your community. You can organise the work around your availability and how much you need to earn and the age group and issues you’re most interested in although I will cover all ages and issues on the training course. How will it benefit your children or the children you care for? There are a great many reasons why NLP works so well with children and young people.

  1. Children are like sponges, they soak up new ideas and embrace change and choices.

  2. They are open and ready to learn.

  3. The NLP techniques and exercises are simple and easy to do so kids can use them at school, home, anywhere. NLP is positive, it is about focusing on what we do want not what we don’t want, focusing on when things are going well, modeling excellence, what we do well and the structure of excellence. We even teach that there’s no failure only feedback, how empowering is that for a child?! We do not prescribe, we give children choices and the more choices they have, the more flexibility and the more control they have in every situation.

  4. Everything is possible with NLP the only thing stopping a child is the child itself so you will learn how to help them overcome their limiting beliefs.

You will learn lots of tools and techniques that will help children to:

  • Find different choices and solutions to issues they face at school and at home

  • Overcome limiting beliefs including those created in earlier childhood

  • Boost their confidence and self-esteem

  • Manage their anger and causes of it

  • Manage their anxiety and causes of it

  • Learn more effectively by boosting their concentration and focus

  • Improve their communication skills and rapport

  • Improve their physical performance

  • Manage the feedback they get and turn it into learning

How will it benefit you as an existing NLP Practitioner, EFT Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Coach? Although you already know all the principles of your therapy modality and how to use the tools and techniques with adults, it is very different working with children. I will teach you how to use NLP with parents, children, young people, teachers and carers. I’m often asked how it’s different working with children. Here are a few ways: -The child has probably not requested the appointment. -They possibly don’t want to be there. -They may not acknowledge that there’s a problem. -It is probably someone else’s fault! They’re just fine! -The ‘problem’ or ‘issue’ may not be theirs. It could well be the parents’. -They know they have feelings, feel sad, confused, angry but they don’t want to talk about it or share the feelings. -They don’t have the verbal skills to express what’s going on so we need to use play therapy, art, drumming, glove puppets, play doh and so on. -Children automatically think the adult knows the answer so unlike an adult, they will say they don’t know quite a bit because they are scared to get things wrong. Therefore, it’s really important to be alongside them in a ‘not-knowing’ place.

Why should you train with me? Here are a few testimonials from past students. ​Claire Jones "Judy I can’t thank you enough for my one to one training. There’s not a day goes by when I don’t think of you with my coaching and everything you showed me that works so well for children. You are seriously inspirational and I thank you for sharing your wisdom so I am now able to help children. I was extremely lucky to have met you. Thank you, Claire Jones x" Anya MacFarlane "Judy, when I first started on my NLP road and I attended one of your parenting chats I found you inspiring, informative, friendly and keen to help me by sharing all your knowledge. From a parenting chat you became my mentor and trainer . I am loving my new career and all the clients, friends, biz girls I have met and it is all thanks to you. You are a truly inspiring lady with a passion for helping others. Thank you" 🙏🏻❤️ Emma Hossack, one of my recent students on the NLP Kids Practitioner Skype course. ​I highly recommend this course, for a beginner or like me as a practitioner looking to specialise in young people. Thanks to Judy Bartkowiak and her course, I have had some tremendous breakthroughs with my clients and my own children. My sessions are fun, meaningful and really tailored to young people which makes this course very unique. Thanks Judy, I can't thank you enough ! I have been training NLP Practitioners in working with children and young people for over 10 years. I am certified as a trainer through ANLP and my courses are accredited to Sue Knight who trained me. I qualified as an EFT Trainer with Karl Dawson although I've been using EFT with almost every client daily for nearly 5 years.

-​Qualifications NLP Practitioner – Sue Knight NLP Master Practitioner – Sue Knight NLP Trainers Training – Sue Knight NLP Sports Practitioner – Jeremy Lazarus EFT Practitioner Level 3 - Karl Dawson Matrix Reimprinting - Karl Dawson Matrix Birth Reimprinting - Sharon King Matrix Past Life Reimprinting - Caroline Jane Dawson PTT (Picture Tapping) - Philip Davies ​EFT Trainer - Karl Dawson Walking Therapy - Jonathan Hoban

Reiki Master - Debbie Lawrence

I am very available and love to mentor my students, we have whatsapp groups and a private facebook group, lots of face to face and online practice days and a supportive network of students, past and present.

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