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Birth trauma - how Matrix Birth Reimprinting works

I am trained in Matrix Birth Reimprinting which enables me to guide you through your own birth and enable you to bond with your mother if you didn't at the time, even if your mother has passed over. I can also guide you through the birth of your child if this has led to negative memories, post natal depression or anxiety and stress in your child. Again by borrowing benefits, the work you do has a positive effect on your child and how you interact with him or her and of course your mother if she's still alive even though they aren't physically in the session. Here are some of the lovely testimonials I've received for this work. I think they explain how clients experience the session better than I can.

"Hi Judy, I just wanted to say a big thank you for our session last week. I feel so much more peaceful when I think about the birth now. Before there was this sense of inadequacy like it was my fault things didn't go the way I wanted and anxiety about how things might be if I give birth again. Now I feel like things were exactly how they needed to be and that I was strong enough to give my son the birth he needed. The turning point for me really was talking to my son in the session about how he was experiencing the birth and what he needed in that moment. Going through the process of exploring how the birth could have been different was also helpful because it enabled me to see what it was that I was needing but didn't receive at the time. But it was the conversation with my son that I feel has changed everything for me. Thank you."

"This morning I had a wonderful matrix reprinting session with Judy in which she took me back to my birth experience. She held a beautifully nurturing space as it was transformed from what was a traumatic experience for my Mother and baby me into a loving joyful expansive experience! there was a point where i came to a challenge with visualising my new birth, I lost the colour and feeling of joy and Judy subtly and expertly took the journey to a different direction enabling me to return to the new imprint My heart is filled and i’m so thankful for the session, I can't wait to embrace my Mum, my Dad, My Granny and celebrate the gift of life that we have all received, and now having a wonderful image of an angel midwife - so lovely I can feel the shift from the panic about breathing has shifted, I feel expansive Thank you Judy xoxox"

"Judy and I worked through Matrix Reimprinting with a view to altering the story I carry around my own birth experience. I have always held a feeling that my own birth was scary and traumatic and, as such, there were elements of birth I held a fear of. Judy talked through the process with me thoroughly and guided me beautifully as we actually did the work. I now have feelings of calm around my own birth experience. I have to say, it all "worked" much more quickly that I thought it would! Thank you Judy."

"I arrived for my session with Judy in a stressed state as we're relocating and an estate agent had wound me up. Judy asked how I was feeling... Not listened to, not important, frustrated. We used some tapping techniques (this was new to me) and magically I felt calmer within a couple of minutes. Judy explained that some of my feelings at that time would relate to my childhood self. Very true. I felt unimportant, unloved, like I didn't matter. We worked on comforting my younger self. Also worked on my mum. Having lost her mum when she was 7, she didn't know any better and was doing the best she could having got pregnant at 19. We went further back and talked about my parents and conception to get a pre-pregnancy picture. We had a pause and decided to go ahead with my rebirth. As I was a big baby I thought I might like to come earlier so I'd be smaller (than 8lb) but then decided to be in a lovely warm birthing pool in a cosy room lit by candles, with relaxing classical music playing. My dad was there to support my mum and hold her hand so the birth would be much more relaxed and forceps wouldn't be needed. I birthed myself quickly and easily because I was ready. Dad caught me and placed me onto mum's chest so we 3 could all cuddle up and closely bond together. We breathed pink into us all as I looked into my mum's eyes and we told each other 'I love you'. What a wonderful experience. I cried with happiness and on opening my eyes felt a huge sense of peace. As I neared home, the sky was a beautiful mixture of blue, red, orange and purple. A beautiful day to be born, I thought to myself. Thank you so much Judy."

"Thank you so much for a very special session with the Reimprinting of my First baby's birth which was quite traumatic for me then. You very gently took me through the whole process in a gentle and clear way I was particularly afraid when the baby was starting to get distressed and was fearful for me You very gently guided me to support the baby by adding colour for and love - I very quickly realized that I was scared of being alone in the ambulance - having to travel to the hospital by myself with the belief that I am all by myself you gently encouraged me to tap the fear out and I released the black fear and filled my own body with courage and that of my baby. Then at the hospital I was scared to lose my baby and once again you guided me to talk to my baby and fill him with courage an strength and I guided him to release the cord that was tied around his neck. I filled him up with light again yellow for safety and courage and pink for love and he slowly untangle himself and was ready to be born. at this point I still felt a lot of fear for losing him - I talked to him and he felt strong and able to free himself.

After this my little baby was relaxed and was able to be born relaxed and with ease. I than let the midwife go and was able to see my baby with my husband. I was so happy to see him and he assured me he was well. Although he did not cry he was fine. my husband and I were able to see him. At this point my husband felt scared too and we tapped on his fear of losing both the baby and me and relaxed him too.

We thank went to a safe place outside where there was love grass, we could hear the birds and water - it was beautiful. my husband still felt fear and guild at this point for letting us down. once again we tapped on him and reassured him that all was well. we than spoke to the baby and asked what his belief was and it was he can cope with anything in life. we covered ourselves with a pink blanket and I took the time to tell my baby how much I loved him and how much I appreciate him in my life. We all than had a rest.

Thank you so much for re-imprinting this traumatic time into a happy one with the whole family being made to feel at peace."

I frequently find that issues I'm working on with children and teens can stem from their pregnancy, birth or very early childhood. When we rebirth them, we can prepare them for what will happen and it's so magical that even when they are in their teens, this work can make a difference. Whether it is the way that the mum client now remembers and perceives it or whether energetically they clear the limiting beliefs they were born with, all I know is that it does work.

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