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Would you be interested in subscribing to my Substack website?

Substack is a platform used a lot by authors like me who want to share their writing and test out new content from books we're working on.

I post there more often than on this website as it's where people tend to go who want to read what I write rather than perhaps wanting to book a session or check out my services. They want to learn about how they can be understand children and teens better or listen to my podcasts and watch my videos.

You can subscribe free of course.

If you want more lengthy articles and more resources for coaching or for working with kids, my readers pay £5 a month to get this different level of content. For example, I've just sent my paid subscribers, a free chapter on Anxiety from 'Empower your Kids'.

Have a look at the type of articles and content I publish on Substack and also have a browse on there because you'll find your favourite authors also have their own website on Substack and you can enjoy a more personal connection I think when you tap into an author's website.

I notice not many visitors to my website, go to look at what I've written. Of course, all my books are on Amazon but if you want a signed copy then buy them from my shop

I currently have a few writing projects on the go and you'll find content on my Substack.

Maybe I'll see you over there soon.

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