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Aroma Reiki

I'd like to tell you about what happens in your Aroma Reiki session, what you will experience and how you will benefit.

I discovered essential oils in 2019 and absolutely love the way they contribute not only to the ambience and mood of the therapy room and my client work but also in our own home and supporting the health of my family. I did a Chakra Ascension journey at the end of 2019 which was a real deep dive into each chakra, what it meant when it was balanced, and what the signs were when it was not, as well as how to balance it through using essential oils. This was fascinating because the signs of an unbalanced or blocked chakra were what clients were presenting with so I could immediately be using the oils to support my therapy work.

I had completed my Reiki 1 training in Canada that summer whilst staying with my old school friend and was eager to go on to do level 2 which I did in 2020 with Debbie Lawrence. Reiki is an energy healing modality where attuned Practitioners lay hands above their client, tuning into their body and the messages it has. It seems somehow quite magical that we can pick up niggles, aches and pains and emotional disturbances in the energy flow, but we can. It takes confidence to trust what you're experiencing and feed it back to you, the client to find out what they have going on in that shoulder, back, stomach or whatever. By pulling down energy from the ascended masters and our own spirit guides we can send healing to that part of the body. We can do this for our own healing as well.

I completed the Reiki Master Practitioner training in 2021 and the Teacher training which has given me the confidence to make Reiki a part of my offering to clients especially as so many are very stressed mums and teens. Many also have physical issues which can be eased through both the relaxation element of the work but also by bringing in the essential oils to activate and balance each chakra from the root (safety), to sacral (creativity) solar plexus (self-esteem), heart (love) throat (voice) third eye (intuition and crown (higher purpose).

Each chakra connects to certain organs so by activating and balancing each one, we can get your body functioning more efficiently and when I see which ones are blocked I can understand what emotions you might be struggling with even when you yourself may be consciously fighting them because the body doesn't lie.

Starting with the Root chakra I balance using reflexology on the feet then move up to the backs of your chakras on your back through to your crown, gently massaging with the essential oil that we use for each chakra.

Then you turn over and I balance and clear the front of each chakra using hands above the body.

The last part of the treatment uses the Emotion Code technique to scan the body to find any negative emotions that may be trapped and ready for release in this safe and nurturing environment. I use the Energy Alignment method to ask your body whether it is ready to release what I find and then I make up an essential oil blend to support you with this emotion.

I like to close the curtains, light candles and a fire so you just have the crackle of the fire and ask you to set an intention for the session. If you want me to talk through what I find then I will but we can just enjoy that rare state of comfortable silence if you prefer, or gentle music of course. You may choose a crystal to support your session and I usually choose an essential oil for the diffuser that I feel will be calming.

Here's what a recent client said about her session.

"I thoroughly enjoyed my first aroma reiki session with Judy last week. I had no idea what to expect but felt immediately relaxed as she is very welcoming and had set up the room with a warm fire in the wood burner, candles, and there was a wonderful smell coming from a diffuser. A slice of heaven and tranquility for a busy Mummy of 3 and a job as a Doula.

Judy used several wonderful smelling essential oils and we discussed the different chakras (energy points) of the body and how they can become blocked during our lives. In a nutshell, if one or more of our chakras is not spinning or open then it can affect our mental and physical well-being.

Judy worked her magic (she is very knowledgable) as I was lying on my back and I felt incredibly relaxed. She went through each chakra and a few things about me came up which were interesting!

The session has given me something to think about and in the days which followed, and this could be a coincidence, but probably not, I have felt very calm and really positive. I would not hesitate to have another session with Judy and highly recommend her. Thank you Judy!

Lisa LT"

You can pay for and book your Aroma Reiki session with me here on the website or contact me 07917 451245 and if you don't live locally (Maidenhead/Slough/Reading/High Wycombe/Windsor) you can book a Distance Reiki session via zoom.

I look forward to seeing you in my Therapy Room shortly.

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