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What is childhood trauma and how do we 'clear it'?

​I find EFT Tapping so good for clearing those subconscious blocks that talking therapies don't reach. We can go round and round in circles, trying to figure out why we can't seem to move on. By tapping on specific points on our body and tuning in to where that resistance is and where it has come from (often way back in our childhood) we can clear it and feel free and in flow.

​The problems we encounter in our life, occur because we hold beliefs about ourselves, about others and about 'life' in general, that are preventing us from achieving what we want. Those beliefs were formed before we were six years old and you're right, we can't even remember what happened. This is because it was what we call a UDIN. It was:




and we had no strategy to cope with it

As a result we went into 'freeze' locking the memory in our subconscious because we could neither fight or flight in that moment. We made a belief or decision at that time about ourselves. It may be that 'I am unlovable' or 'I am stupid' or 'I'm not important' or something similar. We then spend our lives attracting evidence of this belief because it is trapped and we can't access it consciously.

We may also create attachment strategies such as being 'avoidant attached' - keeping ourselves safe emotionally, what we might call 'emotionally unavailable' because we learnt in our early years that we couldn't trust ourselves to love. We might adopt an 'anxious attachment' style where we were needy and constantly needing reassurance that we were loved. This of course pushes the avoidant attached partner away yet we find lots of partnerships with this push me pull you relationship which makes both partners unhappy. The ideal is a secure attachment and I can help you achieve this.

If we didn't get unconditional love as a child, we seek the love of others and can't self-soothe. We put ourselves down, constantly apologise and never achieve all that is possible because we have low self-esteem. I can help with this too. I have had lots of clients who marry, thinking they will get the love they didn't have as a child but soon find that in the hurly burly of parenthood and married life, that their needs are not being met and they even lose sight of what their own needs are.

I have a huge range of skills, expertise, activities and insight to help you with whatever you are struggling with so get in touch for a free consultation to meet me and decide if you'd like to work with me. If you do, then we have an initial 90 minute consultation, at the end of which we form a plan of what we want to focus on, where we want to get to and set up the appointments. You can choose a package of 4 for £300 or 6 for £400.

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