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Judy Bartkowiak, Therapist and NLP & EFT Coach


Judy Bartkowiak

Family therapist, author and trainer

Hi, I'm Judy, an author, coach and energy healer working with women, parents and children & teens. Offering training courses and a range of therapies from EFT & NLP to Reiki & Energy Healing.

Change is in your hands means that you can make changes that will change your relationship with your partner, children and most of all yourself.  Learn to love who you are, find your inner voice, be who you are meant to be.

So, welcome to my online home, come in, sit down and let’s chat.

Flower for Therapy Room

This is a warm and friendly space with lots of creative activities to help you explore your feelings and find insight and healing.


I love writing and have written a lot of books but I also use journaling as a way to heal. 

Writing Room image

I train the NLP & EFT Kids Practitioner so you can add this qualification to your existing work or create your own practice to help families. 


Here you can relax on the couch, have your chakras balanced, enjoy some Reiki or clear birth or early childhood trauma.

Healing Room Image
Training room Image

A little bit about me

When I was growing up it was not ok to share feelings, it was considered a sign of weakness. Instead we were encouraged to go ‘kick a ball about’.
Sport or exercise was the solution for everything!

As a result, I had no idea what to do with my anger, anxiety, sadness and sometimes in my young adult life, despair and extreme loneliness.

I had a very successful Market Research career working in the children’s entertainment world and whilst it was lucrative and great fun,
I felt I could use my children’s insight in another way.

I wanted to help my younger self and I wanted to do whatever I could to ensure that children like me and
young adults would have the tools I lacked and that I had now learnt and benefited from.

In my life as a wife and a parent, I have felt a failure very often, not heard, not understood and alone.

I now realise that I was looking to others for love and to complete me.

If this is how you feel, my Energy Healing space will be a comfort and an inspiration as I help you make that journey to loving yourself unconditionally.

Work is Love made visible Quote by Kahlil Gibran

“Work is love made visible”

Kahlil Gibran

A note from me

Over the years, I’ve used my creativity and imagination to apply the tools I’ve learnt to working with all ages.

If you’re into the names , they are NLP, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, Essential oils, Crystals, Art Therapy, Energy Alignment, Reiki, Emotion Code.
But I am more than the sum of my parts.

If you or your child needs to walk around the garden and talk on a bench we can do that. If they want to draw or paint, they can do that.

If they want to stroke the dog while they talk then he’s very happy for them to do that. If they don’t want to talk at all that’s also fine.

Healing takes place at all levels and needs to happen in a place of love and trust. I can provide that space.

Equally if you want to call me and just ‘pick my brains’ that’s lovely – here’s the number

If my way of working inspires you – think about how you could inspire the young people in your life and in your community – just head to the training room.

Books are a good way to start your journey for you and your child – so settle down and browse my books, maybe one will catch your eye.



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Telephone: +44 (0) 1628 660618
Mobile: +44 (0) 7917 451245

Berkshire, United Kingdom

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