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Energy Healing

I have come to energy healing about 5 years ago through realising that not everything can be healed through talking about it.
Sometimes we need to turn the conscious mind off and allow the body to heal itself. 
Every organ and limb, holds emotions and through this 'hands on', silent healing of the body's energy systems through Reiki or Aroma Reiki  we can allow it to do it's work.
I have to admit that I was an NLPer through and through but when I discovered EFT Tapping and then Reiki, I loved how all the modalities worked together and now use a variety throughout the healing process, flowing as I intuit what my client needs in the moment. 

Floating Flowers


I am a Reiki Master Teacher and can offer sensational Reiki treatments for you and your children and teens. 
It is my dream to empower families to help each other so if you like my treatments, consider training together in Reiki level 1 so you can give each other the gentle healing for ongoing calm and confidence.
​This could work as a couple or if you are a carer for someone who would benefit or perhaps as a lovely way for you and your teen to self-help and help each other.  


Aroma Reiki

I trained in Aroma Reiki because I love the essential oils and have used them for some years with my clients, who find them a great support between sessions with me. 
With the Aroma Reiki treatment you experience a balancing of the front and back of each chakra using the different chakra oils on the back and hands over on the front. 
After the balancing I use Reiki to clear blocked emotions using the Emotion Code technique and I can then make you up a personal oil blend to support you. 

Crystals & Essential Oils

Let me help you choose a crystal to support you in whatever you are experiencing right now. You can put it in your bedroom or office, under your pillow or in your bra so it is close to you at all times.

Essential oils are natures remedies and can be used to treat physical and emotional issues. I can make up personal blends for you and your families for topical use or to use in a diffuser.

Or if you already know what you want, just get in touch and you can buy them direct from me without having to set up a Doterra account. 

Spring Branches

Art Therapy

The language of the subconscious mind is image and colour. By tuning in to our feelings and expressing them on paper with acrylics, water colours, oil pastels or using clay and other materials, we allow those deep feelings to emerge without that filter of our cognitive thought process. It is expansive, freeing and unfettered by conventions of what we 'should' or 'ought' to feel. I've used this with clients of all ages and they are amazed at how effective it is.

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