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Welcome to the 

Writing Room

Here you can browse my books and buy one, or talk with me about a writing project you’re considering. Just give me a call.

I’ve arranged the bookshelves according to how you want to use my books.

You will find I write in a way that is easy to read, with simple strategies, ideas and examples taken from many many years of working with children and teens.


Workbooks to help you understand and integrate

The Engaging NLP Series

I wrote this series for readers to have some fun learning about themselves through little exercises and questions, pictures and simple explanations. Children is for 5-10yrs to read and learn a few basics. Tweens is for 10-14yrs to cover a bit more complex understanding as they progress into Secondary school and start finding their own identity and take more responsibility. Teens 15-18yrs as they start to think seriously about what the future holds, consider options and have to take more responsibility for their actions and thoughts. Books cost £6.99 each or £10 for 2.


Books to read or dip into to increase your understanding as a parent and to help you with issues arising


Understanding Children and Teens would be a good book for a more in depth understanding suitable for coaches and anyone working with children as well as parents and teachers.


Books for you

  • Self-esteem workbook

  • NLP Workbook

  • Secrets of the NLP masters

And of course these workbooks

  • Engaging NLP for Work

  • Engaging NLP for Back to work (setting up a business or going freelance/self-employed)

  • Engaging NLP for New Mums

  • Engaging NLP for Teachers


All of my books are available on the Shop page and at the following links:

You can buy a signed copy from me using the enquiry form, just tell me which ones and where you live and I’ll send you a paypal invoice to cover postage as well.

Got a question? Ask me here

Telephone: +44 (0) 1628 660618
Mobile: +44 (0) 7917 451245

Thanks for submitting!

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