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Little League Team Hands In

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Your mind and body are connected. How you think affects how you feel and this affects how you move your body. 

No matter which sport or activity you want to work on, the principles are the same

I am an NLP Sports Practitioner and I've helped golfers, gymnasts, rowers, runners, tennis players, footballers and rugby players. Let me help you. 

Judy Bartkowiak

Get in touch to book a session for yourself or your child, teen or young person. 

Sport can make us emotional; angry, frustrated, disappointed, nervous. By learning skills to manage these emotions in sport, we learn them for life. 

Judy Bartkowiak

The focus and determination that children demonstrate in their sport can be harnessed for use in the classroom.

Also the way they need to communicate with team members, motivate them and praise them, are great life skills. 

Judy Bartkowiak

NLP for Sport

Engaging NLP for Sport will be out at the end of the summer so get in touch for your free review copy of the pdf if you're a subscriber.

PE Teachers and Coaches

     Learn NLP for Sport

  • Learn how to give effective feedback

  • Learn how to manage anger and anxiety 

  • How can you get the best performance

  • Learn how to reframe failure as feedback

  • Visualise success

Judy Bartkowiak

All of my books are available on the Shop page and at the following links:

You can buy a signed copy from me using the enquiry form, just tell me which ones and where you live and I’ll send you a paypal invoice to cover postage as well.

Got a question? Ask me here

Telephone: +44 (0) 1628 660618
Mobile: +44 (0) 7917 451245

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