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This book fits neatly between NLP for Children and NLP for Teens covering as it does, that 'tween' 10-15yr age group which sees children develop into young adults. 


Children tend to become independent, responsible and resourceful because they spend most of their time away from home and the family. They need to be equipped with confidence, motivation and good communication skills. This book will teach them NLP tools and techniques to manage:

  • Transition to Secondary school
  • Onset of puberty
  • Growth of personal responsibility
  • Relationships with boys/girls
  • Schoolwork and exams
  • Peer group pressure
  • Weight issues
  • Bullying


From Amazon

"I love these books. I now have 5. As a teacher, I have found them a great way to learn about NLP. No jargon, quick and easy to understand. Brilliant!"


"My daughter has thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and has learnt some fantastic things about herself which I know will help her as she grows up. It’s also stimulated some amazing conversations at the dinner table with my teen son, tween stepson and partner, which has been really fun to be involved in, so thank you!! Will be buying the teen version soon!"


"Judy's book takes the NLP concepts and makes them understandable for the Tween age group. As an NLP Practitioner, I found the book to be a very useful reminder of some of the most useful and impactive teachings. This is a great book and one every parent of a Tweenager should have to hand."


"Having read several of Judy Bartkowiak NLP books & as the mother of an 11 year old just about to start secondary school, I eagerly awaited this book for Tweens. It did not disappoint!I read the book (after downloading it onto my Kindle) & thought it was very useful and mostly relevant.The familiar format was fun & enjoyable to read. The quizzes especially engage the Tween reader.I really loved the failure=feedback section, especially the scientist and the toddler analogy.I think some of it would be more relevant to the upper end of the age range.

Engaging NLP for Tweens

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