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Would you like to be:

  • Confident
  • Able to say 'no' ..... and feel ok about it
  • Aware of the choices available
  • Solution focused
  • Calm and controlled


  • Learn some great skills to pass on to your kids?


Amazon reviews:

"Get even by mirroring their silly behaviour, or "de-escalate" conflict situations with these very practical techniques. When we realise how powerful language is to not only "modify" behaviour but replace bad habits with better ones both parities can benefit from the experience. Also useful for teachers! And of course parents can learn to become more effective at handling the teenagers in others. Practical, clear, useful and very accessible - so you don't have to be a psychology major to use it."


"I picked this book because I am a mother, a parent coach and NLP Practitioner. I wanted to practice NLP in my own parenting and help my clients to do the same. The exercises in this book are simple, but very very affective. NLP can transform you as a parent and help you to support your child to grow up with a high self-esteem. I would recommend this book for parents who want to support their children to be well-rounded individuals."


"Great! What a fantastic and knowledgeable book. Very easy to follow and worked well with my family. It has given me a great insight to what can be achieved for a parent and child relationship and for me as a person. I would highly recommended this book.

Engaging NLP for Parents

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