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What do the NLP Masters know that the rest of us don't?
Do they have a secret recipe for success?
Is there a special alchemy at work?

'The Secrets of the NLP Masters' reveals the 50 things you need to know to excel in the workplace and out of it, just as if you were an NLP expert. Some will surprise you, and all will inspire you. Put these 50 simple strategies together and you have a recipe for success, a proven formula that will unlock the secrets and uncover your potential.


There are examples of how to use the NLP techniques in the world of work, sport, relationships, health and family. 


Here are some reviews from Amazon.


"Anyone using/studying NLP and it's methods NEEDS this book on hand. If you're new to it you will pick up loads of new techniques that will transform your life, if you're already using NLP you will learn still more. The author explains the concepts a lot better than many of her contemporaries and even if you read one chapter a day and implement it that 50 life changing patterns you will have to hand! I borrowed this book from my library but ended up buying it because there's just so much that i want to take out a highlighter pen and highlight the great ideas and patterns in this book. I've been using NLP for a few years and have implemented Richard Bandlers seminars and Anthony Robbins tapes and thought i knew it all but this book shown me how much i had forgotten or overlooked. 10/10 to the author."


"I love this book. I was trained by Judy and she is the font of all things NLP. The NLP Masters is fast becoming my bible."


"Prompted by my own curiosity and enthusiasm for exploration – described by Judy Bartkowiak as ‘key drivers of NLP’ – I opened this book enthusiastically, and I wasn’t disappointed.I like what I think of as ‘Pick and Mix’ books; books that can be read with both an open mind and, simultaneously, a mind ready to gather information relevant to my life and work; books that can teach me something fascinating. This book fits the bill perfectly.It is a book for everyone with an interest in change, overcoming obstacles or achieving goals. For the NLP practitioner the book is full of prompts and reminders alongside new perspectives on techniques you will already be using. For newcomers it is a comprehensive and readable explanation of NLP’s powerful insights into how NLP can make a real and lasting difference to your life. If you have children, or work with children, you will find much here to throw light on strategies and techniques that work well with young people.Of course you can read ‘Secrets’ from beginning to end, it is interesting, informative and well written, but you can also flick through and find the part most relevant to your current experience.Its style, organisation and layout make it stand out from many of the NLP technique books I have encountered. I particularly like the chapter numbers down the right hand edge meaning that you can open the book at any page and know immediately where you are.Each chapter begins with a selection of well-chosen quotations from people generally acknowledged to be the ‘NLP masters’ such as Gregory Bateson, Sue Knight, Virginia Satir, Tony Robbins, and others from different contexts like Albert Einstein, Carl Jung and Helen Keller.‘A few well-chosen words at just the right time can transform a person’s life’ Joseph O’ConnorRepetition – so often the missing ingredient in books which set out to help us learn – is used with a light touch so that you don’t need to flick back through the book to find that neat ‘how to’ of a technique. At the end of each chapter you will find ‘Putting it all together’ and I suggest that if you read these first in the light of the chapter heading you will know how directly a particular chapter will speak to you.If there was a single addition that would improve Secrets of the NLP Masters for me it would be an index. Children, beliefs, and goals, for instance, appear throughout the book and sometimes it would be helpful to be able to find them all.The book ends with an Appendix perfectly placed to sum things up and be a readily accessible, and very visual, reminder of these two keys to being exceptional: The filters through which we make our own peculiar sense of external events and the logical levels which model the context in which it all takes place.Knowing your purpose facilitates exceptional behaviour and if your behaviour disappoints you in any way then re-examine it in the light of your purpose. You could do well to take this book with you on the journey.

Secrets of the NLP Masters

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