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What if you could be; The teacher you always knew you could be; Someone who inspires children to achieve all they want; Flexible about the choices you make in the classroom; Happy and confident that you have all the resources you need; Resilient in the face of adversity; If you want to be a happier more confident and resourceful teacher then this book is for you.


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"As someone who works with schools and other educators in general, I found this book a great introduction to the techniques and concepts within NLP. Simple and straightforward this book give practical ideas for teachers to use within the classroom. It is also, I believe, useful and accessible for parents, family support workers, learning mentors and other professionals and para-professionals who work with children, especially for those in need of some positive psychology techniques to deal with problems in every day life. I know Judy as an enthusiastic educator and expert in NLP with children and the book is testimony to her skills to make NLP user-friendly, as many of the concepts are wonderful but often long-winded. Personally, I think this book is great for those who work with all-aged children, especially school-aged children. A great, easy read with practical steps and tools. Keep 'em coming Judy!"


"A must for all teachers! This is a straight forward and easy to read guide in applying NLP techniques with your class. The NLP jargon and buzz words are simplified making this book easy to understand. Whether you're an experienced teacher or an NQT this book delivers much insight into using positive communication within the classroom. For readers new to NLP there is a wealth of practical applications and for others it reinforces and reminds us of the positive implications of using NLP with students. Having taught for over 15 years I wish this book had been available to me when I first started out! A valuable handbook and highly recommended!"


"As someone actively involved in NLP and promoting the use of NLP within many different environments (corporate and educational), I found this book to be great at shining a light on ways teachers can become more flexible in their approaches. The book, in a very simple way highlights common issues found in the classroom and the staffroom, and navigates the reader though possible options and strategies that can be used to get better results. The book will be very insightful for anyone interested in learning a little bit about NLP. As for teachers, it will give them some great learning points about how effective (or not) they are in the classroom and provide points to reflect on, which can change their beliefs about how they have done things previously. I personally will be using some of the points raised in the book in future workshops with teachers.

NLP for Teachers

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