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NLP Practitioner Training for Adults

How to apply NLP Practitioner Training for adults in your life, personally and professionally

  • 1 h
  • 500 British pounds
  • Online

Service Description

I am an accredited NLP Trainer (Sue Knight ) and accredited EFT Trainer (Karl Dawson) NLP Sports Practitioner (Jeremy Lazarus) Matrix Reimprinting/ Birth Reimprinting/Past Life Reimprinting (Karl Dawson/ Sharon King/Caroline Dawson) The NLP Practitioner Training for Adults course is designed specifically to your own needs, personal and professional whether you will be working with clients, your own family, for personal or professional development, for sport and fitness or health. All courses are delivered live and 1:1 at a time to suit you. Question time is included. You may record the sessions. Notes for each session will be sent out before it starts. COURSE DETAILS: Module 1 – The NLP Communication Model – how we process our world I take you through the process by which an external activating event over which we have no control, is processed by our mind (neuro) and all the filters of beliefs and values, experiences and memories that we apply to it, to become our internal representation of that event. Your client’s internal representation will be unique. I show you how we are working with those filters to help them create a more positive and empowering internal representation. Module 2 - The NLP Presuppositions Bandler and Grinder, founders of NLP, created what became known as the NLP Presuppositions or Beliefs of Excellence. These are a set of ‘ground rules’ for how we approach working with our clients and essentially how we live our lives when we want to get the best out of it. Module 3 - VAK and the Meta Programmes - How we can communicate more effectively The first way we process is through our representational systems which are ‘visual’, ‘auditory’ and ‘kinaesthetic’ and inform whether we are essentially focusing on what we see, what we hear or how we feel and what we do. The meta programmes take us to another level of detail in terms of processing; whether we like detail or broad brush, choices or process, matching or mismatching and so on. Module 4 - Compelling outcomes - SMART goals to achieve what we want Module 5 - Beliefs vs Facts - Limiting and Resourceful beliefs,where they come from and how they can help or harm us. Module 6 - Overcoming Limiting beliefs - Time Line & Perceptual Positioning, Parts Integration and Anchoring

Contact Details

+44 (0) 7917 451245

Hitcham Vale, Parliament Ln, Burnham, Slough SL1 8NT, UK

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